We know how to keep a healthy relationship.

If you been hurt or burned before, building healthy relationships can be  harder—even if you are happy with your current partner. What makes a healthy relationship? Even when things are going well, you might not know how to build trust in a relationship or maintain a good relationship.

If you struggle sustaining relationships, developing emotional resilience can help. We have over 50 years of experience helping to heal heartbroken people and unhappy couples—including our own lived experiences. This has taught us that emotional resiliency is at the heart of effective, long-term relationship building.

When we are in strong relationships, we can trust in our partners and in ourselves. We can acknowledge miscommunications and mistakes without lashing out. We can hear constructive criticism without shutting down. We can experience negative emotions and setbacks without giving up. And we can live in the moment while planning for a shared future.

No matter where your relationship is right now, you can do these things, too! We designed our Maintaining Healthy Relationships seminar so that people unable or unsure whether to start individual or couples counseling can still start building better relationship skills.

Over six modules (a 90-minute course), we share the latest evidence-based research on ways to have and keep a healthy relationship with your partner. Each course includes a helpful study guide filled with additional research and resources that you can refer to again and again. And whenever you need answers, reassurance, or advice, we can respond by email or through our website.

We want you to know we’ve been there. We want you to know how much we care. And we want you to know that you can do this. You can have the healthy, happy relationship you want.

If having a healthy relationship is your goal, begin building trust and emotional resilience today with Resilience Tree.

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