Break-Up Resiliency Online Course | Improving Resiliency In Relationships

Get through a breakup without breaking down.

Dealing with depression after a breakup? Is everyone telling you to “get over it”? We know getting over a breakup isn’t easy. In fact, it can feel impossible. Ending a relationship isn’t easy for anyone but some people seem to know how to get through a breakup better than others. Why? Dealing with a bad breakup demands emotional resilience.

If you struggle to sustain relationships and can’t seem to figure out how to mend a broken heart, resilience training can be just what you need to start your emotional healing.

We have counseled clients on what do after a breakup for over 50 years. We know the fallout from dealing with a bad breakup can include depression, anxiety, and other mental health challenges. We follow the latest research into the ways mindfulness and resilience strategies can help you survive a breakup and better sustain your future romantic relationships.

We developed our Break-Up Resilience Course to help people who aren’t ready or able to commit to individual therapy, but need help to cope with a relationship breakup, develop the emotional resilience they need to get over it, and learn to manage future adversities.

Our 120-minute class in broken up into ten short modules. We are right by your side to help you chart a course toward a hopeful and emotionally open future. We include a resource-rich guide filled with video links, tips, research, and more that you can always turn to for reference or to refresh the skills you’ve learned.

When we realize that we can’t change other people and we can’t change the past, we can start changing how we process painful moments in our lives. With our help, you will find yourself not only surviving a breakup—but thriving.

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