Learning to enhance your resilience skills is a powerful anxiety remedy.

Is your mind racing with worst-case scenarios? Do you have difficulty falling asleep, concentrating, or sitting still? Do you experience nausea, heart palpitations, or start sweating for no apparent reason? Do you find unwanted thoughts popping into your head that frighten or upset you? Is your anxiety over a relationship starting to undermine that relationship?

When nothing seems to be wrong and yet everything feels wrong just the same, you may be dealing with anxiety—and Resilience Tree can help. The latest research (and our extensive experience as practicing therapists) reveals that learning to be more resilient is a key  coping skill for anxiety.

When we have emotional resilience, we recognize negative thought patterns without judgement or shame. We remind ourselves that we have come through similar difficulties before and we already have coping skills for anxiety that work. And we take targeted action to restore our well-being.

Take charge of your racing mind and heart and learn how to cope with anxiety during our personal, proactive Anxiety Resilience course. Over six, fifteen-minute sessions, we teach you to recognize the signs of anxiety and how to combat anxiety using powerful evidence-based mindfulness-informed resilience techniques. From overcoming relationship anxiety to managing depression, we are right by your side as you build resiliency and regain confidence. And we include a resource-rich guide filled with videos, tips, research, and more that you always turn to for reference or to refresh the skills you’ve learned.

When we realize that anxious thoughts and feelings are not always facts, we can acknowledge and address our anxiety without letting it wreck our relationships with others and ourselves. With our help, you will find yourself coping with anxiety—calm, centered, and more confident

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