Have you ever noticed that some people can cope better with tough times? They seem to know how to get through a breakup, how to manage depression, and how to cope with anxiety. They are resilient—and no matter how you feel right now, you can learn to be more emotionally resilient too.

If you struggle to sustain relationships or can’t seem to find a way to mend a broken heart, resilience training can help. We have counseled clients in therapy for over 50 years and we know increasing  resiliency  skills transforms lives. We created Resilience Tree courses to give everyone the chance to learn about  mindfulness techniques and  build emotional resilience. We have designed  activities to improve mental health that can easily be added to daily routines.

Our resilience training courses are always Clear. Compelling. Concise. The resilience strategies  we share are backed up by extensive evidence-based research.

  • Break-Up Recovery
    If you are having difficulties dealing with a breakup, we understand. It isn’t easy to get through your days awash in waves of grief and regret, sadness and shame, loneliness and depression, or bitterness and anger. In just ten 15-20-minute modules, our resilience and mindfulness -informed training can help you manage negative feelings while our evidence-based techniques help heal your broken heart.
  • Anxiety
    You can’t stop worrying, even when nothing seems to be wrong. You are irritable with loved ones. It’s hard to concentrate or sleep. Anxiety is one of the most common—and one of the most treatable—mental health challenges in America, and we developed our six lecture course, consisting of 15-20 minute modules on resilience and mindfulness for anxiety, to help you take charge of your racing mind and heart and take back your life.
  • Depression
    Are you sleeping too much or not enough? Has your appetite changed? Do people or activities you once loved now leave you feeling disconnected or disinterested? Depression, whether mild or major, makes us doubt our worth and damages relationships. Our evidence-based course, consisting of six 15-20 minute modules, using resilience and mindfulness-informed practices can help you in recognizing symptoms of depression and learning to more effectively manage them.
  • Sustaining Healthy Relationships
    When you’ve been hurt in the past or if you have had a bad breakup, little disagreements, stresses, or setbacks in your current relationship can feel like the end of everything. Emotional resilience and effective communication are key to handling conflicts and challenges in a healthy way. Our resiliency course, consisting of six 15-10 minute modules, will help you keep your current relationship strong.

Unlike other online self-help seminars, Resilience Tree reflects decades of research into emotional resilience and mindfulness and real-world experience counseling clients through challenging times. Each course also reflects our genuine commitment to your mental health. We are here to answer your questions and we are eager for insight into how our evidence-based therapies transform your life.

Ready, set, resilient! Start getting better with Resilience Tree today.