With over 50 years combined experience, we are helping to improve mindfulness and resilience strategies and have developed vital self-care activities designed to improve the mental health of our clients in clinical settings—and we want to do even more. Through Resilience Tree, we offer some of the insights and concepts and self-care strategies we use every day in our private practices. Our courses can teach you powerful, evidence-based techniques that will help you manage anxiety, depression, pain, and loss—and build resilience to make a real difference in your physical and emotional health. Resilience Tree Podcast explores resilience through interviews, discussions and programming that helps build resilience.

Aarushi Bhandari, Ph.d Part 2 Meditation Vol 6

Anxiety Resilience Part 1 Vol 5

Corona Virus Anxiety and Resilience Vol 4

Introduction to Resilience Part 2 Vol 3

Introduction to Resilience Part 1 Vol 2

Interview with Professor Aarushi Bhandari