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Gray Divorce, A Therapist’s View of Break-Ups after 50

Gray Divorce, A Therapist’s View of Break-Ups after 50 “Gray Divorce” is a term used to describe couples age 50 and over who end their marriage. This trend is on the rise. The Institute of Family Studies conducted a study in 2012 about divorce. They concluded that divorce is declining among married people 25-39. But… Read more »

How to Stop Negative Thoughts From Rotating In Your Head

“I got a lotta s**t in rotation” from Dithering by Ani DiFranco ” I got a lot of s**t in rotation.” Shout out to native artist and activist, Ani DiFranco, for providing the perfect lead into this blog.      Many of us are stuck in our heads more than ever due to Covid-19. The National… Read more »

Sheltering from the Storm of The Virus

Sheltering from the storm of the virus seems to be the prevailing strategy. “Come in, she said, I’ll give you shelter from the storm”  I confess I am not a huge Dylan fan. In my opinion, Bob Marley is music’s poet laureate, but Dylan’s lyrics serve the purpose here though. At least, here is how I… Read more »