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Trauma? Resilience can be the antidote

Resilience can be an antidote for Trauma. Sustaining trauma is a prevalent, yet misunderstood phenomenon. Many more people than we know have experienced or will experience trauma in their lifetimes. Some may not recognize it. For them, trauma might be so common that it does not register. The severity of trauma is on a spectrum,… Read more »

Trauma in Relationships can be helped with Resilience

Trauma in Relationships can be helped with resilience. Many experience the effects of trauma in their relationships.  It can dictate how we behave in a relationship and can also contribute to relationship anxiety. We all have experiences and habits that we bring to romance. If we don’t pay attention to them, they can wreak havoc… Read more »

Listening and Paying Attention to Your Partner

Paying attention to your partner is one of the most powerful things you can do to support your relationship. This is according to the best research by one of the leading authorities on couples counseling.  John, Gottman, PhD.  boasts more than 25 years of research on the topic of a healthy relationship. He and his wife,… Read more »

Pay Attention to Your Partner: Partner Alertness Course

Pay Attention To Your Partner Partner Alertness Course? Pay attention to your partner. This will build relationship resilience. There is a line in a Nick Cave song, Mermaids that mentions ‘Husband Alertness Course’.  Cave is recommending that the character in the song take the course. To be fair to my fellow men, perhaps it should be called “Partner… Read more »

How Your Background Can Affect Relationships

Your Background Can Affect Your Relationships Ever wonder how your background can affect building a better relationship? In another blog article, Jim discussed how trauma can affect relationships. But even if the trauma is mild, we can sometimes carry those feelings and it may affect how we behave in a relationship. Sometimes understanding the root… Read more »

Resilient Relationships

Healthy relationships don’t just happen. Relationship building depends on so many factors that help or hinder how things go between you and your honey. Almost all of us have been in unsuccessful relationships multiple times.  Research tells us that about 85% of romantic connections fail. 85 % is a huge number. However, as a culture,… Read more »

Find a Therapist You Like AND That ‘Gets You’

People seek out professional therapy usually when they have experienced adversity such as a break-up or are suffering from anxiety, depression other stressful issues. However, it is also ok and even advisable to seek our a therapist for personal growth, or to sort out a situation that you would like to approach with some objectivity…. Read more »