Evidence-based Strategies and resiliency—for everyone.

At some point in everyone’s life, most of us will struggle with our mental health. This could include depression during a breakup, a period of unemployment, or the death of someone we loved. It could be anxiety over life changes, work challenges, or relationship difficulties. It can happen to anyone … but not everyone can get the professional support they need to get over it and get through it.

We founded Resilience Tree to give people the opportunity to learn self-care strategies and skills that  have transformed many of our client’s lives as well as our own. We want to overcome stigma and to make changes in how mental health is understood and perceived in our country and the world.

We have over 50 years of combined clinical experience helping clients learn how to get through a breakup, how to cope with anxiety, how to use mindfulness for depression, and activities to improve mental health. One key way we did that is by building their emotional resiliency. Resilience training, backed up by evidence-based research, has always been at the heart of our evidence-based therapy practice—and we believe it can help you, too.

Our carefully designed courses share mindfulness techniques and resilience strategies that can mend broken hearts, manage anxiety and depression, and  help sustain healthy relationships.

Building resilience is the beginning of better mental health.

Jim McElrath – Clinical Social Worker

Jim McElrath - Clinical Social Worker

Jim is a licensed Clinical Social Worker-R in the state of New York and has 25 plus years of experience in a variety of settings with diverse populations.

He is enthusiastic about working with evidenced-based but also eclectic and intuitive based interventions. His particular interest is in relationships. He is versed in men’s issues throughout the lifespan such as parenting, work, caregiving, and friendships.

Jim’s private practice includes individual counseling for emotional health challenges such as Anxiety and Depression. He uses eclectic treatment interventions tailored to the individual or couple with a mindfulness informed approach.

Jim is a former basketball player and still is among the top 10 scorers ever at Jamestown High School. He was MVP in high school and in his senior year at college.

He attended Mercyhurst (DIV 2) in Erie PA on a full-ride. His hobbies include music (he has eclectic taste), movies, prestige TV, and fiction. One of his favorite authors is David Foster Wallace. He likes to be at the beach on vacation (when he is lucky enough to get there) and taking walks in the woods.

He enjoys spending as much time as he can with his significant other and best friend, Myriam Mayshark. Jim has two sons, Kevin who is a doctoral candidate at Stony Brook who studies sociology along with his wife, Aarushi (from Nepal) who is in the same program. His second son is Brandon who works in human services in Chautauqua County. Jim’s mother was also a counselor and was head of Chautauqua Mental Health so he is a second-generation counselor.

Myriam Mayshark – Mental Health Counselor

Myriam Mayshark - Mental Health Counselor

Myriam Mayshark has more than 20 years of experience in clinical counseling. She is a LMHC (a licensed mental health counselor) in the state of New York.

She was Associate Director at Family Service of the Chautauqua Region until 2004 where she served as a clinical supervisor and head of programming for Partners for Children, a New York State Initiative for school-based counseling. Partners for Children Program received recognition from the United Way at the state level in New York State in 2002.

During her entire professional life, Myriam maintained a private clinical practice in addition to her work at the agency. Her specialties include: Women’s Issues Throughout the life span, Couples Counseling and working with children, young adults and their families.

Myriam has an undergraduate degree from Hiram College in Speech and Theater. After college, she worked as an actor with the Cleveland Playhouse and did summer stock at The Chautauqua Institution.

Myriam earned her graduate degree from St. Bonaventure University and augmented her graduate work at the University of Buffalo to complete a 60-hour program in counseling.

She enjoys sharing movies, music, and books with Jim. She likes seeing the artwork of artists in her region and makes metalwork jewelry for fun. Family and friends are most important to her.

Her son, Loren Mayshark, is a writer who has written an award-winning book, Death: An Exploration.