You Can Make it Through

Dealing with a breakup and need to know how to mend a broken heart? Coping with anxiety? Losing days to depression? You are far from alone. On any given day, over 20% of Americans are struggling with a diagnosable mental health condition. If you need a way to work through a hard time but aren’t ready or able to try therapy, Resilience Tree is here to help.

Building resilience can help you do more than get through a breakup. Resilience training can transform your life.

Emotional pain doesn’t define you. It’s how you handle that pain. Resilience increases our ability to handle the hurts of daily life in a healthy way. Evidence-based research reveals that when we increase our emotional resiliency, we can work through periods of unhappiness and heartbreak without losing hope.

Resiliency Skills For Your Life

Resilience Tree courses are designed by experienced, compassionate therapists to give you tools you need to take on the toughest times

With over 50 years combined experience, we are helping to improve mindfulness and resilience strategies and have developed vital self-care activities designed  to improve the mental health of our clients in clinical settings—and we want to do even more. Through Resilience Tree, we offer some of the insights and concepts and self-care strategies we use every day in our private practices. Our courses can teach you powerful, evidence-based techniques that will help you manage anxiety, depression, pain, and loss—and make a real difference in your physical and emotional health.

If you are trying to get over a past partner or experience, get Resilience Tree.


“I would recommend the “Break-up Resilience” Course to anyone facing a breakup. When I faced my breakup in the 70s, there were no help books. If I had access to this Course then, I would have learned ways to face and deal with my feelings of sorrow, failure, embarrassment, judgement by others, recriminations and more. This Course provides suggestions, resources and access to ask questions of Mr.McElrath or Ms. Mayshark to help you navigate your own path to a healthy and happy outcome.”

Yancey Gillies

Resilience Blog